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Singapore’s new lifestyle and retail destination, New Bahru, set to open from May 2024

Singapore’s new lifestyle and retail destination, New Bahru, is set to make its debut at 46 & 58 Kim Yam Road in River Valley, a project driven by The Lo & Behold Group and joint-venture partner Sunray Group Holdings.

According to Teng Wen Wee, founder and managing partner of The Lo & Behold Group, New Bahru aims to create a destination “driven by discovery.”

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The name “New Bahru” (Bahru meaning “New” in Malay) is a nod to the Singaporean penchant for repeating words for emphasis. Source: New Bahru

Wee describes the project as “a lovingly refurbished school building to escape the mundaneness of cookie-cutter malls, where people can come without a plan, yet spend a day wandering around and leave feeling inspired by the New Bahru community, the products and programming. Something that Singaporeans can be proud of, something tourists will write home about and ultimately change the way people perceive local talent.”

As the property gradually opens, New Bahru is set to host a captivating array of pop-ups, activations, and events, such as Green-House 2024, Singapore’s premier retail experience, showcasing a wide range of local sustainable home and lifestyle brands.

Singapore brands such as Curious Creatures and Beyond the Vines are set to open stores. Source: New Bahru

Among New Bahru’s tenants are design studios like Hjgher, Wynk, and Parable, with some introducing new-to-market concepts, as others expand from online ventures to create captivating brick-and-mortar experiences.

Examples of these ventures include granola brand Dearborn, which is opening a flagship store featuring a microbakery, breakfast provisions shop, and an all-day cafe.

Source: Dearborn

Beyond The Vines Design House, a local design studio which is expanding beyond Singapore and into cities such as Tokyo and Manila, will unveil its largest store in Singapore, offering customisation services and exclusive product lines.

Soilboy, a plant design studio committed to connecting people with nature, launches its first experience store, featuring innovative plant installations and immersive workshops. Specialty capsule coffee brand Morning will open its first physical store, providing an immersive retail experience with sampling sessions and workshops.

Source: Alma House

Accompanying the food & beverage, retail, wellness, and craft brands is Alma House, an 83-key serviced apartment.

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“Alma House will be in the company of well-loved local brands across various verticals which showcases the diversity of Singapore’s culture and heritage championed by the entrepreneurs and the creative drive behind them. This line-up gives our guests a taste of the hyper-local experience right at their doorstep,” commented a spokesperson from Project X, the collective behind Alma House.