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SHOPLINE opens first pop-up store in Central, Hong Kong

SHOPLINE, a global smart commerce platform, announced the opening of its first physical pop-up store “POWERED BY SHOPLINE” in Central.

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Multiple SHOPLINE merchants who have been invited to set up shop at different months during the six month long showcase will sell products according to the theme set for each month. Through the pop-up store close to the iconic IFC Mall, SHOPLINE merchants will not only boost their brand awareness but also experience the real benefits of the O2O retail model.

Hiwalk, a popular Taiwanese snack brand, will be the first merchant to set up at “POWERED BY SHOPLINE” to sell its handmade signature egg rolls and snacks. At the store, Hong Kong customers can get exclusive early access to two brand new items – Salted Egg Pork Floss Cashew Nuts and Honey Egg Rolls at “POWERED BY SHOPLINE”. Following which other merchants will sell a wide range of themed products in later months.


SHOPLINE is also collaborating with SF Express to install the SHOPLINE-merchants exclusive EF locker at the pop-up store. As the most conveniently located EF lockers in the neighbourhood, it will serve as an additional pickup option for online store customers and it is set up to attract high foot traffic and create sales opportunities.

Incorporating modern and environmentally friendly design concepts, the “POWERED BY SHOPLINE” pop-up will use digital signage to display brand videos and product information. During the first month, proceeds of specific items will be donated to Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society for research and conservation initiatives, as well as promoting the idea of reducing plastic waste, as the pop-up aims to connect brands, products and the community.


With access to the HKRMA Smart Retail Tech (Silver) award-winning SHOPLINE POS solution, merchants will be able to better understand the benefits of the SHOPLINE O2O solution.

The SHOPLINE POS enables one-stop management with product inventory, stocks, prices, order and shipping status, sales data and more automatically synced across channels. Merchants can also centrally manage customer databases, and sales data to assess consumer behavior with the support of CRM and data analytic tools.

To further showcase the advantages of O2O retail model, SHOPLINE has also built a campaign website, including all the pop-up store merchandise and exclusive pre-order items. Customers are encouraged to come to “POWERED BY SHOPLINE” to pick up their goods physically and explore the store after purchasing online, providing opportunities for merchants to sell other products.

To keep up with the trends in livestreaming-driven online shopping that is spurring buying online through interactive streaming sessions on platforms, SHOPLINE launched its SHOPLINE LIVE feature last month. Accordingly, there will be a dedicated livestreaming booth in-store for merchants to make the most of the non-peak hours to utilise the SHOPLINE LIVE feature to immediately start a livestream and interact with customers.


SHOPLINE will invite popular local KOLs to help attract more traffic to the store and go with the trend of livestreaming-driven online shopping by joining merchants’ livestream in store. SHOPLINE will also provide marketing support and a complete post-event sales analysis report to participating merchants.

Plato Wai, General Manager of SHOPLINE Hong Kong said, “The integrated O2O model has become an emerging concept for businesses globally. Our E-Commerce Whitepaper H2 2018-2019 revealed that 20% of online merchants surveyed consider the O2O model, such as opening pop-up stores, as a key component of their future plans.”

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“SHOPLINE has always encouraged merchants to embrace all-rounded growth. Through our ‘POWERED BY SHOPLINE’ physical pop-up store campaign, we hope to provide our merchants with a real, hands-on opportunity to experience the benefits of the O2O model,” added Plato.