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Shiseido highlights five key trends, ushers in new ‘culture of beauty’

Shiseido Travel Retail highlighted five key beauty trends it will be focusing on as it drives the culture of beauty introduced by its new President and COO Kentaro Fujiwara. The trends were revealed during a media briefing at the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition in Singapore.

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The trends are Active Ingredients, Skin Minimalism, Beauty & Wellness Unity, Co-Created Personalisation and Cultured Travels.

Active ingredients is all about creating products with science-backed ingredients and high-performance formulas that deliver efficacy with visible results. The Japanese beauty company is embracing this trend with the renewal of the Shiseido Future Solution LX line.

The line is backed by 40 years of genetic research and is made with a highly concentrated LonGenevity Science complex and Japanese Enmei herb, to deeply penetrate and optimise skin’s nighttime recovery. It is launching in Japan and Americas travel retail in September, followed by an Asia Pacific (APAC) travel retail roll-out in October.

The company is also highlighting its active ingredient-rich Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Contour Cream Supreme, which has been reformulated with five times more concentrated Lempuyang extract. It is now available in APAC, EMEA and Americas travel retail and will launch in Hainan later in the year.

Skin minimalism is a trend driven by Gen Z consumers who are demanding more streamlined beauty routines as well as clean and ethically sourced ingredients. The company is embracing this trend by launching consumer-centric beauty innovations, particularly with its The Ginza and Drunk Elephant brands.

Drunk Elephant has launched a travel retail exclusive See Yourself in a New Flight Set, now available globally.

Beauty and wellness unity refers to the promotion of both inner and outer beauty. It underlines Shiseido Group’s wider mission to become a major personal beauty and wellness player by 2030.

The IPSA Counselling App has already launched in Hainan and will be rolled out globally at the end of June.

This trend also includes the skinification – the addition of skincare ingredients into other beauty categories – of bodycare products and elevated wellbeing through fragrance. It also marks the company’s first steps into ingestible and beauty tech devices.

The Ginza Body Care is Shiseido’s answer to this trend. The range has been formulated with the skin-nourishing Silky Robe Moist Complex and the brand’s exclusive Perceptive Complex EX. It is launching in Japan travel retail in October, followed by an APAC travel retail roll-out in November.

Co-created personalisation reflects the wider consumer demand for more personalised products and services. This trend also covers growing demand for skin-analysis technology and services at the point-of-sale.

Shiseido is embracing this trend with Ipsa’s custom-skincare routines and consultation devices which deliver Kando moments (deep feelings of satisfaction and happiness) for travellers.

The Ginza has added skincare ingredients to its bodycare range.

Cultured travels is all about fostering authentic connections and immersive experiences that allow travellers to engage with local cultures.

To address this trend the company launched ‘From Shiseido, With Love’, a global travel retail-exclusive campaign which brings the cultures of different cities to life. The campaign features limited-edition gift sets inspired by 12 cultural landmarks.

The sets comprise hero Shiseido skin and suncare products and the launch is being supported by dynamic PoS design, animation spaces and collectable city-led luggage tags.

It has rolled out in EMEA and Americas travel retail and will be introduced in Japan and Asia Pacific travel retail throughout the summer months.

Shiseido Travel Retail Vice President Strategic Marketing Siv Chao commented: “We are celebrating our 152-year heritage while looking towards the future. The beauty world has changed a lot and we are changing with the times. We are creating a new beauty, infused with Japanese heritage, history, innovations, R&D, beauty and oneness.

“Our goal is to elevate the travel retail consumer experience so travellers discover more than just our products but our brand DNA, storytelling and new culture of beauty introduced by Fujiwara-san.”

A New Culture of Beauty

Shiseido Travel Retail’s new culture of beauty is focused on developing science-backed solutions for skin beauty and wellness. It draws from the company’s Japanese DNA and longstanding history of research and development as it shifts towards traveller-centric growth.

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This new approach is about engaging travellers through personalised, creative and immersive retail experiences inspired by its Omotenashi ethos (a Japanese concept centred on hospitality and mindfulness), and curating travel retail-exclusive experiences, services and products that focus on the skin beauty and wellness of travellers.

As the expert in skin beauty and wellness, Shiseido believes it is well placed to understand and meet travellers’ evolving needs to drive high-quality growth in the new travel retail landscape.