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SHEIN announces plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Global e-retailer of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products, SHEIN has announced its goal of reducing overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 25 percent by 2030 across its entire value chain. As part of its Science-Based Targets, the company also released its greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory for 2021. Such targets are set to be incorporated into sustainability management in order to combat climate change and be held accountable for its sustainability commitments.

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During jointly conducted interactive workshops, SHEIN partnered with Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider, to measure its carbon footprint for 2021.

To build a roadmap for emissions reduction within SHEIN’s supply chain, SHEIN announced that it will contribute USD 7.6 million to the Apparel Impact Institute (AII), a nonprofit organisation dedicated to decarbonizing and modernising the fashion industry supply chain.

The SHEIN contribution will be used directly to support two proven AII programs: Carbon Leadership, which benchmarks and assesses carbon impact, and Clean by Design, which lowers costs and reduces energy, water and chemical consumption in textile production facilities.

Approximately 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced per facility per year by implementing energy efficiency projects at more than 500 of SHEIN’s partner facilities through AII’s energy efficiency strategy.

“AII aims to reach as many suppliers as possible to decarbonize the fashion industry’s supply chain. We will be applying our proven programs and methodology to help SHEIN on its path towards bettering its supply chain” – according to Lewis Perkins, the President of Apparel Impact Institute.

Source: SHEIN

The SHEIN network has also partnered with Brookfield Renewable Partners (“Brookfield Renewable”), Brookfield’s leading global renewable energy and decarbonization company, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain by using renewable energy to power the operations of SHEIN’s supply chain partners. With over 23,000 megawatts of generating capacity and a 75,000 MW pipeline of development, Brookfield Renewable is one of the world’s largest owners, operators, and developers of renewable energy. The company owns and operates wind, solar, energy storage, distributed generation, carbon capture, and other assets related to the energy transition.

Daniel Cheng, Managing Director at Brookfield Renewable Power Asia Pacific stated, “Brookfield has one of the largest renewable power and energy transition platforms in the world and has a long and proven track record of providing green power and decarbonization solutions globally across a wide range of sectors in the economy.”

He continued, “along with Brookfield Growth, the technology investing arm of Brookfield and an existing investor of SHEIN, we are pleased to extend our relationship with the company and support SHEIN’s newly announced decarbonization commitments. to help bring those objectives to bear. The opportunity to decarbonize the fashion industry is immense.”


Earlier this year, SHEIN announced a USD 50 million Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Fund, a commitment to the CanopyStyle Initiative to keep Ancient and Endangered Forests out of the viscose supply chain, and the launch of a clothing label aimed at fostering responsible behaviour and choices among customers.