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Semir Group invests in smart fabric development

In 1996, Semir group positioned itself as a leader for material creativity, leveraging its development strengths to meet the ever-evolving needs of consumers. The business’s focus on ecological innovation and functional fabrics is becoming increasingly integral to its success and gradually became embedded as part of the company’s DNA.

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With the successful application of several unique invention patents, Semir Group has developed its own SMARTECH series of products demonstrating advanced garment and fabric functionality for the Semir brand and its Hey-Tech series for balabala brand.

Source: Zhejiang Semir Garment co.,ltd

These technical endeavors encompass principles of protection, comfort and easy-care materials with features such as antibacterial, quick drying, cool touch and soft cotton to provide consumers with new experiences through a combination of technology, comfort and fashion.

With Semir’s Cooling fabrics, high-tech sub-micron powder is incorporated into the fiber, creating a natural cooling effect. A light, breathable running shoe made from recycled mesh, Balabala’s ‘wind feel shoe’ offers exceptional breathability. Insoles are coated with an everlasting antibacterial compound, reducing weight by 40 percent.

Source: Zhejiang Semir Garment co.,ltd

As part of its commitment to staying in the forefront of innovation design and continual material development, Semir established the Material Creative Center (CUBE2) in January this year.

Semir’s Material Creative center (CUBE2)

Parallel to this, Semir has implemented a green and sustainable development strategy through its SMARTGREEN platform, supporting the national goal of reaching peak carbon emissions by 2030 and becoming carbon neutral by 2060.

Among Semir’s garment range, it also offers recycled polyester and nylon fabrics made from biobased and environmentally friendly cellulose fibers. In conjunction with energy-saving production techniques to reduce emissions, Semir is achieving its goals of “more fashion, more technology, and more green”.

Semir Global Event in Saudi Arabia
balabala Global Event in UAE

Semir Groups Global event

By organising joint global event with its domestic and international franchise partners this summer, Semir Group is cementing international recognition for SMARTECH innovation.

Its main focus this year was cooling fabrics across the summer range, including cooling T-shirts from the Balabala and Semir brands, introducing new comfort technology to international customers.

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To bring the latest in comfort, fashion, and function to its customers, Semir Group continues to innovate on fabrics, technologies and production techniques.

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