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Samsung’s Galaxy Studio pop-up opens in Hong Kong

Galaxy Studio

Samsung opens the doors to its Galaxy Studio in Causeway Bay from 12 April to 12 May. Featuring an interactive digital lights display, the one-month pop-up store will provide the public with hands-on experience of the Galaxy S10 series smartphone.

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The Galaxy Studio is intended to provide a relaxed area where – in addition to the new Galaxy S10 series – the Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds, will be on display; allowing the public to have a hands-on experience with the products. The Galaxy Studio is aimed to cater to millennials craving something different and memorable in their interaction with new products.

On arrival to the venue, each visitor will be lent a Galaxy S10 smartphone with a “Galaxy Buddy” app pre-installed. The app will assist visitors in experiencing four interactive zones, where they can test the phone’s functions. After completing each experience, participants will receive a digital stamp via the Galaxy S10’s NFC tag function. After collecting 4 digital stamps, participants may use them to redeem gifts or customised phone case.

In the “Field of Hearts” and “Ocular Odyssey” zones, participants create personalised motion images and lighting through their own heart rates and eye images by using the Galaxy S10. Participants can then experience how the smartphone is able to take wide-angle photos and can capture light-sources even in low-light environments, demonstrated in rooms of tailored interactive lights.

Additionally, the pop-up studio incorporates artistic elements by including visual artistic effects in the on-site decorations. The highlight of the Galaxy Studio is the “Artist in Residence” zone, which is decorated with photo backdrops and props by local illustrator, b.wing. Participants are encouraged to try out the Galaxy S10’s ultra-wide angle camera to capture panoramic photos equivalent to what the naked eye observes.

Samsung has also partnered with British illustrator Hattie Stewart to roll out tote bags, stickers, and PopSockets phone holders for a claw machine in the studio.

“The Galaxy Studio brings an innovative, artistic and interactive digital lights space to Hong Kong. Together with ‘Galaxy Buddy’, a digital app that is installed in the Galaxy S10, it creates a unique, visually-appealing experience through an interactive style,”said Yiyin Zhao, managing director of Samsung Electronics Hong Kong.

“In addition, through the close-interaction and communication with consumers, it lets them experience all the advanced functions of our flagship smartphone, Galaxy S10; allowing them to enjoy a new generation of lifestyle and rhythm,” she added.

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The studio will launch different workshops, including ones focused on living applications, travel applications, and on photo-taking, allowing users to further understand the various elements of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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