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Safe Re-opening: How Singapore will resume activities after the circuit breaker


As the daily number of new community cases has declined significantly and the dormitory situation has stabilised, Singapore is on track to end the Circuit Breaker on 1st June 2020.

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Economic activities that do not pose a high risk of transmission will resume, but social, economic and entertainment activities that carry higher risk will stay closed. Everyone should continue to leave home only for essential activities, and should wear a mask when doing so. As seniors are a particularly vulnerable group, they should continue to stay at home as much as possible.

As more people are returning to work and school, people must ensure that they conduct these activities safely, to minimise the risk of community transmission.

Safe Re-opening covers four areas:

  • Safe Work
  • Safe Home and Community
  • Safe School
  • Safe Care

Safe Work

Besides essential businesses that are already operating, more Singaporeans will gradually be allowed to return to work. This starts with businesses that operate in settings with lower transmission risks, including:

· Most manufacturing and production facilities, eg. semiconductors and medical technology;

· Most businesses with employees working in offices and setting that do not require interactions with large groups of people, eg. finance & insurance, and IT & info services.

· Tele-commuting must be adopted to the maximum extent in businesses that re-open. This means those who have been working from home so far should keep doing so, and employees should go to the office only where demonstrably necessary, e.g. to access specialised systems/equipment that cannot be accessed from home.

Employers must put in place and enforce safe management measures at the workplace, and employees must adhere strictly to them. Checks will be conducted, and non-compliant businesses will have to close their workplaces. MTI’s advisory on the gradual resumption of business activities here

Businesses that will remain closed instead are:

· Most retail outlets other personal services will not re-open in Phase One.

· Dining in at F&B outlets will continue to be disallowed.

· Only selected services, namely, motor vehicle servicing, aircon servicing, basic pet grooming services, school bookshops and retail shops selling school uniforms will be allowed to resume.

· Hairdressers and barbers will also be allowed to resume offering all hairdressing services, beyond basic haircut services.

· All home-based businesses that operate using a delivery/collection model will also be allowed to resume.

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