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Sa Sa debuts on foodpanda mall in Hong Kong

Asia beauty retailer, Sa Sa International Holdings Limited (“Sa Sa”), has entered foodpanda’s online grocery and goods shopping mall in Hong Kong. Through foodpanda mall’s round-the-clock delivery service, Sa Sa aims to enhance the customer experience and develop its online-merge-offline (“OMO”) functions.

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Sa Sa will start selling 700 selected products on foodpanda mall, including anti-epidemic products, cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, hair care and body care products as well as health supplements. After customers place orders at the online supermarket, foodpanda’s couriers will collect the goods at Sa Sa’s physical stores and deliver them to the customers in as fast as 10 minutes. This service will initially be piloted at 20 of Sa Sa’s stores and will be rolled out at more stores in the future.

Following the launch of the “click-and-collect” service, Sa Sa’s partnership with foodpanda mall will further enhance the OMO development of the Group’s physical stores and its online business in Hong Kong. It also provides customers with one more customer-centric and convenient channel for online shopping, complementing Sa Sa’s shopping website.

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Dr Simon Kwok, SBS, JP, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, said, “Sa Sa is honoured to have entered foodpanda’s online platform which is widely popular with consumers in Hong Kong. Online shopping is gaining traction. The trend is especially more pronounced amid the raging pandemic as more consumers would rather stay at home than go out to protect themselves against the disease. We believe that foodpanda’s quick delivery meets our customers’ increasing demand for convenient, fast online shopping service. In the light of the urgent demand for anti-epidemic products, we are offering them at foodpanda mall in the hope of providing citizens one more convenient shopping channel to help fight the pandemic. We also hope to enhance the OMO function at Sa Sa’s operation through the partnership with foodpanda mall so as to provide customers with a more seamless and convenient shopping experience.”