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Ruckus offers wi-fi solution for high-density locations

Ruckus Wireless has introduced new advanced Smart wi-fi products, technologies, professional services and training packages that can support thousands of simultaneous wi-fi users within high-capacity venues and locations.

The new Ruckus high-density Smart wi-fi solutions, which include the ZoneFlex 7782-N, combines specialized smart sector antenna technology that focuses wifi signals within a 30-degree beamwidth with advanced software capabilities to optimize capacity and minimize interference through predictive channel selection (ChannelFly).

Extremely dense venues such as stadiums, exhibit halls, malls or shopping centers introduce significant stress on the network and require specific design considerations such as the density and placement of wi-fi access points, the number of clients needing to connect, radio frequency (RF) noise and dealing with co-channel interference.

Ruckus’ ZoneFlex 7782-N is capable of supporting over 500 concurrent clients. It integrates a custom-designed, internal sectorized antenna array, based on patented Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology that focuses wifi signals within a 30-degree narrow beam. This enables more consistent performance, reliable connectivity, extended coverage and unmatched multimedia support within the most challenging radio frequency (RF) environments.

Arthur Giftakis, VP of engineering for Ruckus, said there’s no single silver bullet to solve these high-density problems, but Ruckus has taken a more holistic approach to the high-density problem, by combining a number of essential hardware and software technologies into a carrier-class solution that is highly scalable and delivers the highest wi-fi performance.

High-capacity Ruckus Smart wi-fi technology has been deployed in a number of high profile, high-density venues including the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. The TWC Arena was recently host to the Democratic National Convention, which drew a crowd of 24,000 delegates, many armed with multiple mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.