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Retailer Parkson to expand in China’s lower-tier cities

Hong Kong-listed retailer Parkson Retail Group will expand into more third and lower-tier Chinese cities, developing small to medium-sized urban residential and commercial complexes.

The announcement was made by William H.J. Cheng, Executive Chairman of the retailer’s operator, the Lion Group.

Mr Cheng was speaking at a meeting on the eve of the Lion Mall’s opening in Qingdao, the group’s first comprehensive shopping mall in the Chinese market.

Parkson has closed more than 10 stores in China in the past five years, and has been opening new stores in third-and-lower-tier cities.

Mr Cheng says changing the retail group’s footprint in China and transforming business models are a “must”, because market demands are transforming fast and swift new strategies are needed to keep up.

Conventional department stores have been facing challenges and pressures in the past few years, making shopping malls with retail, food and beverage, entertainment and boutique grocery stores a natural trend for department stores to evolve into, Cheng said.

Membership schemes will also expand in China, enabling Chinese member card-holders to enjoy benefits and prestiges in Parson stores and shopping malls in other Asian countries.

China’s retail market has changed significantly in the past two years as consumers’ spending on various categories shifted. Analysts say they are reprioritizing as lifestyles diversify among younger generations.

(Source: China Daily )