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Retail in Asia partners with Regeneration 20|30


Retail in Asia partners with Regeneration 20|30 for a virtual and physical discussion on 15-16 October, 2020 about the future of our global economy & well-being, where the climate crisis is central as a real emergency.

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Regeneration 20|30 is an international coalition led by a group of visionary Italian entrepreneurs – Davide Bollati (Davines), Maria Paola Chiesi (Chiesi Farmaceutici), Andrea Illy (illycaffé-Fondazione Illy), Oscar di Montigny (Banca Mediolanum and Flowe, Francesco Mutti (Mutti) – together with partners including BCorp movement; the Sustainable Development Foundation (Susdef), UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, led by Jeffrey D. Sachs; Centre for Bhutan Studies; Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences; Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASVIS); Italy4Climate, and the collaboration of the European Parliament.

A unique alliance of private sector, institutions, academics, NGOs, spiritual leaders, and individuals involved in a collaborative effort to transform the present extractive & depletive linear socio-economic paradigm into a regenerative circular one. The coalition aims to create a strong and vocal multi-lateral and multi-stakeholder dialogue, working together to ignite this transformation, hence the 2020-2030 framework.

The regenerative paradigm will be based on three pillars: Regenerative Economy, Climate Action, World Happiness: all of them are strictly interdependent, and articulated in a tri-layered pledge as a starting point for the collaborative creation of an action plan & toolkit which will allow the different stakeholders (from businesses, to policy makers, to the civil society) to measure their progress and performances, in order to develop this new paradigm in these three areas.

The broadness, the inclusiveness and the comprehensiveness of the coalition, made by several different constituencies, will contribute to develop a dialogue on different levels, for the same purpose: regeneration in biological terms (waters, lands, ecosystems, organisms) and in social terms (communities, such as cities and countries). The two aspects are of course completely interdependent.

The 20|30 framework is imperative: we have no more than 10 years to address and revert the mother of all causes – climate emergency – and at the same time, work on a new economic model which prioritizes world happiness and social equality without giving up growth.

The challenge is major, and it can be addressed only joining forces and putting together a committed group of global leaders, sharing ideas, best practices, and agreeing on the way forward. This is the purpose of the ‘first act’ of Regeneration 20|30: a hybrid (physical & virtual) event held on 15-16 October in Parma, Italian Capital of Culture 2020-21.

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In Parma the dialogue officially starts, the pledge is signed by all participants, and a roadmap will be established, to pave the road until 2030. In the meantime, the Regenerative Society Foundation will be established and incorporated by the group of founders of the Regeneration Movement.

The Foundation strategy is that any economic activity should become regenerative and circular, to make the wanted transformation fully sustainable. In other words: transforming the society through regenerative economy.

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