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Retail in Asia, media partner for “Luxury Redefined”

thailand luxury symposium

Retail in Asia is media partner for Thailand Luxury Symposium 2019 to be held on 30th July in Bangkok.

The 4th Edition of Thailand Luxury Symposium is hosted once again by Luxellence, FTCC, Luxuo & Stamina gathering leading brands from the hospitality, fashion, watches and jewelry, cosmetic, social media and research sector for a full day of content-rich and interactive programming and discussion.

This year, the theme is “LUXURY REDEFINED” with subthemes:

LUXURY AND SUSTAINABILITY: What is the role of luxury to enable and help drive environmental and social progress?

HIGH TOUCH EXPERIENCES AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY: How do luxury brands adapt to reach these new consumer standards? What does the advent of artificial intelligence mean for an industry build on the hand? How do you balance craft and computing? Can the two comfortably co-exist, or even complement one another? And what are best practices for each?

LUXURY TRENDS & LOCAL INSIGHT: What are global trends affecting the luxury industry? Is the word luxury redefined, What are the innovation, omni-personal?

To better answer the question “What does luxury customers want …high touch or… high tech?” a number of experts in the field are invited to speak:

  • Ms. Onanong Pratakphiriya, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Director of L’ORÉAL (THAILAND) LTD.
  • Dr. Tawicha Trakulyingyong, Chief Technology Officer of SANSIRI PLC.
  • Mr. Klaus Christandl, General Manager of THE ST. REGIS BANGKOK
  • Mr. Julien Gaubert-Molina, Managing Director Greater China of SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT
  • Mr. Jerome Hervio, Managing Director of STAMINA ASIA
  • Ms. Pam Thien, Chief Digital Officer of LUXUO
  • Mr. Dan Zonmani, Global Brand lead of LINE THAILAND
  • Ms. Sita Chutiphaworakan, CEO of BCHU RUNWAY
  • Ms. Sopavadee Bejrajati, Marketing Division Manager of CLUB 21 THAILAND
  • Dr. Esterina Nervino, Director of RETAIL IN ASIA
  • Mr. Tarate Poshyananda, Group Chief Executive Officer of AMORN GROUP

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