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Retail banking realises the benefits of localisation

Anyone who lives in or near Toronto knows that this city is a total cornucopia of cultures. You can pretty much find anything from anywhere in this town. Having this kind of cultural make-up offers opportunities and challenges to national or name-brand retailers.

The opportunities are that if you can provide a product or service that is desirable and wanted in your particular selling area, you will build a loyal following of customers as word of mouth marketing has a strong presence in cultural circles.

The challenge is actually understanding the cultural make-up of your immediate selling area.

Merchants big and small can do this by getting involved in community organisations. Knowing cultural and community leaders in your selling area can give you huge insight into the cultural needs of the community. I was impressed to see Chinese signage at my business bank branch. I understand that this community has a huge Asian population and investing in signage that speaks to them shows a true sense of community connection. I even noticed name tags on tellers who spoke the different dialects of China. This is a branch that understands its local cultural make-up.

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