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Regeneration 20|30 : Happiness as a driver for the global economy


In October, a group of Italian entrepreneurs in conjunction with international speakers have gathered in Parma (Italy) to discuss how to make sustainability everybody’s business.

The event, also supported by Retail in Asia, was also the occasion to present the newly launched initiative Regenerative Society Foundation.

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The hybrid mode conference Regeneration 20|30 hosted different panels with speakers from all over the world working across different sectors but all connected by the paradigm of business for good.

Among the promoters, Davide Bollati (Davines Group), Maria Paola Chiesi (Chiesi Group), Andrea Illy (illycaffé e Fondazione Ernesto Illy), Francesco Mutti (Mutti SpA) and Oscar di Montigny (Mediolanum e Flowe), together with Nativa (Italian partner of B Lab) and the Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Regeneration 20|30 is a periodical appointment for business leaders to come together and discuss how to promote a holistic approach that puts happiness of human beings at the centre in line with the Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations.

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Key topics are Global Happiness, Regenerative Economy, and Climate Change.

Stay tuned to know more.