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Red Bull launches new flavor in Hong Kong

Red Bull Neon Sign

Red Bull to launch a new flavor into Hong Kong.

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The Red Bull Lemon-Lime Flavor is based on the same formula as the Red Bull Energy Drink with an invigorating fruity twist, making it the ideal energy drink for those who love the functionality of Red Bull as well as thirst-quenching quality of citrusy fruits.

This is the first time The Red Bull Lemon-Lime Flavor launching in Hong Kong and is
stocked in 7-Eleven, Circle K and Vango stores, starting from May 29th, 6th June and 13th June 2019 respectively, trickle into other outlets throughout the coming months.

The Red Bull Lemon-Lime Flavor is not only great to be enjoyed on its own, its sharp and fruity flavor also makes a fantastic mixer for summer drinks. Red Bull has teamed up Yi Hung Yuen Hotpot Cuisine to create a delicious summer-themed drinks menu using the new  flavor.

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For more than 30 years, millions of people around the world seek daily energy from Red Bull to aid them while engaging in sports, working, studying, and driving.