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Hong Kong (Headquarter)
Mainland China


Wine Ting is a Premium Boutique-style Wine distributor, aimed to bring the highest quality trendy wine styles to Hong Kong. Founded by Wine Influencer Adrian Ma @ForkwithAdrian.

❝ Where Wine Meets Fashion ❞

Fashion and Wine. The words ‘trends’, ‘fads’ and ‘limited release’ are frequently used in the fashion industry but also, these expressions are extremely common in the wine industry too. 

There’s a playfulness and sense of joy in fashion which closely parallels a similar focus in the wine world, especially amongst the new guard of winemakers having fun experimenting with Pét-Nat and Natural Wine.

At WINE TING we want to have a bit of fun linking different styles of our wines to the personality of fashion creations. You’ve all probably enjoyed food and wine pairing at some flashy restaurant degustation dinner or even at home with foodie friends – why not try a fashion-wine pairing?