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Hong Kong (Headquarter)

TradeMonday is a SaaS AI Powered Retail Experimental Platform enabling the product, tenant and shopper recommendations for retailer, brand owner and shopping mall. The platform turns the customer journey data such as social media, trending, searching and transaction into actionable recommendation insight and empowers businesses in simulating top-line growth strategy.

The SaaS platform analyses rich fragmental data sources and convert into consumer segment data alone with customer journey helping businesses to reveal customer centric recommendation insights for day-to-day business operation through visualising the hidden customer persona, potential brands and products and tenant performance and presented in an ease-to-use interface, API or integration that fits into client’s needs.

Founded in 2016, the company is backed with venture fund in United States, Europe and Hong Kong. It has earned recognition in Silicon Valley and Asia including Plug and Play, Founders Space, Sente, EY, Alibaba, ICT Award, JumpStarter, and RTIA. The solution has been applied into food retail, fashion, cosmetic, electronic, shopping mall globally.