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South Korea

ChemLinked (, launched by REACH24H Consulting Group in 2012, is now a leading comprehensive regulatory information and market insights online platform. We focus on meeting the growing demand for clear and concise regulatory advice and market intelligence involving Chemical, Food, Cosmetic, Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Market industry in Asia Pacific regions especially China. Backed by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, compliance specialists and language experts, ChemLinked provides professional one-stop regulations and market access services for domestic and foreign brands, manufacturers, trade logistics, raw material enterprises, retailers, distributors, regulators, as well as government departments, industry associations and research institutions. Over the years of constantly growing, ChemLinked has received high praise and now counts on 50,000+ registered members and 40,000+ newsletter recipients from more than 100 countries. 

We are monitoring the most recent regulatory and market issues from over 150 Asian authorities. We could collect and report the otherwise loosely organized regulations in an easily understandable format. Now we have already developed a series of columns including News, Chem/Food/Cosme-pedia, Regulatory Analysis, Market Insights, Reports, Regulatory Database, English Translations, Chem/Food/Cosme-list, Chemical Toolbox, Food Additives, Cosmetic Ingredients Search Tool, Webinars, Online Courses, Jobs. Each premium member can freely access related information. Supported by REACH24H Consulting Group, we can also well solve regulatory compliance issues such as special food registration, new food ingredient registration, cosmetic products notification/registration and new cosmetic ingredients notification/registration. As a professional information platform, ChemLinked cares the need of each client and we offer customized service based on your demand. Our objective is to help overseas enterprises expedite the market access procedure so we also provide all-round support in cosmetic trading and marketing.

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