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Pop-up store revolution goes online

Pop-up store revolution goes online

Retailers have been looking for ways of integrating gaming in their marketing strategies, and digital customer experience. Recently, Xbox One has bridged retail world and gamers with The Mall.

In October 2017, Storefront, a sharing-economy company that provides short-term retail spaces for rent to companies through an online platform, has teamed up with TV-Commerce company Von Bismark.

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This partnership offers brands and retailers the ground breaking opportunity to launch virtual pop-up stores through The Mall on Xbox One.

This is the first time ever that brands can sell their own products to over 20 Million users on Xbox One.

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Xbox allows brands to launch virtual stores or product pages for promotions, sales and customer acquisitions. The light touch integration process quickly on-boards eCommerce store into the native platform of The Mall, but still enables the brands to take and fulfill orders directly as well as capturing all of the customer’s data.

With visibility to users installed games and apps as well as preferred game genres and interests, users can be targeted that match the ideal customer profile and brought to actionable product pages for sales, promotions, brand building games and competitions.

(Source: Storefront )