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Pokemon GO Plus finally hits retail stores across the globe: Where to buy


Avid Pokemon GO fans across the globe are in for some good news as the long-awaited Pokemon GO Plus wearable is now available for purchase through a bunch of retailers including Amazon, Gamestop and Nintendo UK online store. Except for Amazon, the accessory is currently out of stock with many retailers including Gamestop and Nintendo UK online store wherein the item will be restocked in October.

The Pokemon GO Plus is compatible with all devices running Android 4.4 or above and it requires Bluetooth 4.0 for communicating with the device. Given the shaky gameplay and unreliable footstep tracking mechanism in Pokemon GO, the accessory should come in handy to track all nearby Pokemons even when your phone’s screen is turned off.

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The wearable will vibrate and light up when Pokestops are nearby and also alert you when a Pokemon is in range. In addition, it allows you to collect the location items with a simple click of the button.Furthermore, the Pokemon GO Plus can track your footsteps even when the app is not running on your phone and thereby eliminate any hassles for hatching eggs of rare Pokemons in your leisure.

The accessory is up for sale in several countries across the globe starting 16 September while the specific country-names are not yet revealed. However, Niantic has confirmed that some South American countries will be seeing a delayed release of the wearable some time towards the end of this year.

The Pokemon GO Plus is priced at $34.99 and we could just hope that the new accessory could revive the waning interest in Nintendo’s highly-successful augmented-reality game.