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P&G debuts Future Friendly sustainability platform

Procter & Gamble last week took the wraps off its years-in-the-making programme to help consumers whom the company calls the "sustainable mainstream" make simple choices based on resource conservation. The Future Friendly platform debuts across a range of products mostly within the US-based P&G Household Needs portfolio, including the Tide Coldwater and HE (high-efficiency) product lines, Gain HE, Cascade, Dawn, Ultra, Charmin and Bounty.

The programme initially rolled out in 2007 as an in-store initiative in Western Europe and Canada, and was then tested in the US market starting in April 2009. At such US retailers as Hy-Vee, Target and Walmart, P&G saw a "significant product lift" across its product line-up, as well as a rise in consumers’ overall value perception of the brands.

"Future Friendly" was developed to "simplify the conversation" with consumers about simple but meaningful steps they can take to reduce water, energy and waste usage, noted Maurice Coffey, marketing director for the programme, on 15 March. P&G says it hopes to achieve that aim is through education, partnerships with organisations such as National Geographic and Earth Day Network, and the dissemination of clear, scientific measures.