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Peu À Peu opens store in Hangzhou

Peu A Peu

Chinese fashion brand Peu À Peu has opened a new store in its home market of China, launching a new outlet in Hangzhou.

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Located in the city’s downtown Xixi neighbourhood, the new Peu À Peu store covers 70 square metres of retail space and stocks the contemporary brand’s entire range of womenswear, footwear, and accessories, designed with a sports accent.

According to DesignBoom, Peu À Peu owner, JNBY (Just Naturally Be Yourself), commissioned China’s Sò Studio to design the store.

Inspired by a futuristic gym and the contemporary pop artist Jeff Koons’ balloon series, the store makes reference to the interaction and movement that occurs when working out, and is made up as a movable installation.

Source: Design Boom

Inside, there is a system of pulleys, steel racks, and large metal balls that slowly move around the room, with the clothing appearing secondary to the metallic fixtures and grey coloured floors and walls, resulting in a futuristic and industrial surrounding.

The futuristic gym element is strong, via the detachable racking system, dividing the store into different areas and apparel sections, which also allow the elevated metal balls to move around the store.

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Publically listed in Hong Kong, JNBY Group is Chinese fashion and homeware company. It operates contemporary brands JNBY, Croquis, Samo, A Personal Note, JNBY Home, Lasu Min Sola, Less, and Pomme De Terre, among others.