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Report: Organic food in India

Research and Markets has published a report on India’s organic market entitled Organic Food Market in India 2010. In the report, it explains the history, current status and future market potential of the industry.

It explains that organic farming is an old concept in India in terms of the extensive farming carried out in the country. The organic food market is worth USD129.3 million and shows huge potential for growth in the future. The increasing export market, coupled with government support, has driven the market.

The report begins with an introduction to organic food products, highlighting their benefits over conventionally produced food. It also provides a detailed overview of the status of organic farming in India and explains the certification process of organic food products in India. The market overview section compares the global and domestic organic food market.

An analysis of the drivers explain the factors for growth of the industry, including the huge export market, the organised retail-enhancing distribution network, government initiatives and the increasing health-conscious consumer. The key challenges that the report identified include the high price of organic food, the lack of an integrated supply chain, the difficulties facing farmers and certification barriers.

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape, including brief profiles of key domestic producers and promoters of organic food products. The "Key Developments" section provides an insight on sector-related developments in the last year.

To purchase the report, visit Research and Markets.

(Source: Research and Markets)