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NIVOSE collaborates with MARCET LIVET


NIVOSE announces partnership with MARCEL LIVET.

The two brands are linked by history and fate that intentionally brought them together again to rediscover and reveal beautiful stories of French Ski Heritage and celebrate their love for the French Alps and bring it to Asia starting from China.

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This encounter begins from a French gentleman named Marcel Livet. Marcel Livet was passionate about skiing and mountaineering and devoted a large part of his life to these sports. He and his notably French skiing pioneers had their hands in the preparations for the 3rd French expedition to the Himalayas in 1951.

NIVOSE, born in 1933, as one of earliest French Ski fashion brand, known as ““Le vêtement chic du vrai skieur” (The Authentic Elegance for the True Skiers) sponsored French expedition to the Himalayas back in 1936 and North Pole Lapland exploration In 1938. The history firstly put Marcel Livet and NIVOSE together in the frame is the 3rd French expedition to the Himalayas in 1951.

As early expeditioners, they paved the way for skiing and helped to make it widespread, but also ushered in the age of beautiful and irrational strive to reach the highest peaks.

NIVOSE, after nearly 90 years, in a similar path to MARCEL LIVET, decided to embark on a new journey, and enter China, the worldly largest Luxury communing market in 2019.

Beyond the Brand’s French heritage and its commitment to provide “authentic elegance to the true skiers”, NIVOSE today offers a new perspective on winter-wear and the premium urban outdoor market through coherent, ultra-desirable collections and finely crafted products.

More importantly, NIVOSE recognizes that, in this constantly changing world, relaunching a brand in a digital native mode, and creating a perfect union between digitalization and traditional distribution is essential.

“Creativity and innovation are at the very heart of our business model and the mindset that drives us,” said CEO of NIVOVE.

NIVOSE products are in line with their time and offer smart technologies combined with modern, audacious Luxury; In-built RFID chips allow consumers to scan and authenticate our products, Thermal Adjust Technology, allows people to decide how they want to use their garments.

Along with NIVOSE ‘s journey, MARCEL LIVET also find the way to continue the story of French Ski heritage. MARCEL LIVET, is not only a ski pioneer icon but a premiere handcrafted ski manufacturer, founded by his grandson in 2018, particularly as a tribute to Mr. Marcel Livet and to the entire generation of alpine ski inventors that accompanied him on his path.

In 2020, crossing more than half a century, NIVOSE and MARCEL LIVET recounter in this time frame. This collaboration between these two brands is also a tribute to this 70yr long friendship at the roof of the world. To celebrate the passion of both for alpine skiing, NIVOSE selected its iconic product CARROZ, lightweight down jacket with Thermal adjust technology.

NIVOSE Thermal Adjust Technology (“TAT”) is a revolutionary system that allows the garment to independently generate heat internally, enabling the wearer to control the thermal performance of the garment at the touch of a button.

The heat is created from carbon-dot printed fabrics that are sewn into strategic places in the garment, and that heat up to warm the body from the inside. Garments equipped with the thermal adjust heating system are fully washable at home.

With Beijing winter Olympics is coming in 2022. China will be a promising growing market for a leading brand in premium winter wear category like NIVOSE and premier ski manufacturer as MARCEL LIVET.

The story of pioneers and their passion for Alpine activities will continue, if, as they keep what they said: We are “connoisseurs of warmth and purveyors of French mountain chic since 1933” (Frederic GUIRAL de HAAS, CEO of NIVOSE)

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“Every day, I strive to promote the French quality and strive to offer something different, so that our trades and arts can survive and be passed over to next generations. This approach makes each pair a unique piece of exquisite artisanship,” said Victor EDOUARD, Founder of MARCEL LIVET.