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Nike introduces a new retail concept Nike Unite

Nike Unite

Adding to Nike House of Innovation, Nike Rise and Nike Live concepts, the sportswear brand Nike introduced Nike Unite.

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Built to help locals connect more closely with sport, Nike Unite creates new in-and-out of-store experiences, rooted in serving people the most valuable sport destination in their community.

Nike Unite exists to serve and celebrate the people in each local community, and each store is designed to be a reflection of their heart and spirit. Consumers are welcomed by an in-store community wall highlighting the store team and local partnerships, and design elements throughout the space also look to tell the story of the community. From local landmarks to hometown athletes, the design allows the local residents to feel represented in the space.

Nike Unite 1
Source: Nike

The products in each Nike Unite door are also reflective of what the community is interested in: locally curated, every-day essentials at the best price, matched with the newness of select seasonal offerings. Additionally, Nike Unite doors reflect Nike’s commitment to hiring people who live in the local community.

Online or offline, Nike Unite doors deliver new ways to gear up and get moving together. Whether serving athletes in the digital spaces that speak to them, supporting local schools and nonprofits that give children more opportunity to stay active through Made to Play or participating in the Nike Community Ambassador program (which trains Nike store employees to be coaches), these measures allow Nike Unite doors to bring members closer to sport, and closer to one another.

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New Nike Unite stores are now open to the public with one store in South Korea, three stores in the United States, and one store in the United Kingdom. Four other stores are coming soon with two in the United States and two in China.