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Nike holds “Nike at 50: A Genealogy of Progress” in Hong Kong

Nike at 50: A Genealogy of Progress will be held to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary from 23rd May to 11th June. The spirit comes to life in the 4 zones showcasing distinct aspects of advancement, as curated by Nike Hong Kong. The aforementioned zones are “Nike 50 moments”, “Moon Path”, “Feel the Allure of Air” and “Move to Zero Lounge” respectively.

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The “Nike 50 Moments” zone brings together Nike’s past, present, and future into one immersive audiovisual experience. Audiences are invited to relive the brand’s major historical milestones and legacies, appreciate Nike’s signature sneakers and ground-breaking advertisements, and cheer on their athletes and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Source : Nike

“Moon Path” will highlight Nike’s marathon innovation efforts – the Moon Shoe, debuted in 1972, is both a legacy of Nike’s independence year and a symbol of the brand’s ambition. This section of marathon history houses a carefully curated collection of running footwear, each defined by its technology and the desire to better support athletes while also protecting the environment.

The “Feel the Allure of Air” tunnel features Nike Air, the brand’s most iconic offering, that spans new designs and addresses new cushioning concerns. Air was one of Nike’s first and most long-lasting innovations.

Source : Nike

Nike’s legacy of sustainable innovation is on display in the “Move To Zero” lounge, including ZVEZDOCHKA, one of the company’s first attempts at closed-loop product, and Pegasus Turbo Next Nature, the newest advancement in performance footwear with the planet’s future in mind.

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Six local creative visionaries are also on display, converting Nike manufacturing waste into artistic creations with the goal of creating a sustainable living area. Unwanted shoe boxes and Nike manufacturing fabric scraps have been repurposed. Nike’s circular vision for a closed loop supply chain system includes collecting all manufacturing waste locally.