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New shopping ambassadors at Hong Kong International Airport


Shopping for travelers will be even easier at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) with the introduction of Airport Shopping Ambassadors.

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The Airport Shopping Ambassadors are stationed at key locations within the airport’s retail areas. They are well acknowledged on shopping and dining offerings at HKIA, providing a friendly and personalized service to travelers. The ambassadors can provide helpful advice or last-minute shopping recommendations, as well as hot-picks, latest promotions and dining options from a wide range of global and local cuisine.

Travelers can also receive personalised shopping and dining itineraries online, simply by filling in the Airport Shopping Ambassadors enquiry page on HKIA’s website After completing the online request section, together with flight schedule and other information, travelers will be able to receive the ambassadors’ recommendations within 48 hours.

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HKIA is an international and regional aviation hub connecting about 220 destinations around the world, including 50 Mainland cities. HKIA achieved record-breaking passenger throughput of 74.7 million in 2018.