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Motorola Solutions redefines enterprise communications with world’s thinnest and lightest digital radio in its class

Motorola Solutions, Inc. unveiled the SL Series portable radio as the latest addition to its MOTOTRBO professional digital communications portfolio.

MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios deliver exceptional voice quality, extended battery life, and come with a rich set of features that are designed for increased productivity and enhanced worker safety. MOTOTRBO is ideal for organisations that need a customisable, business-critical communication solution as it is backed by the industry’s largest application developer programme aimed to nurture application development for radios across industries.

The SL Series is the world’s thinnest, lightest Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portable, designed to meet the communication needs of business users and executives in industries such as hospitality, services, security and airlines. The radio’s slim design and unique features enhance the level of professionalism and discretion so users can provide superior customer service and faster response times.

Product highlights

  • The SL Series has a rugged, high-resolution color display with a built-in photo sensor that automatically detects ambient lighting and adjusts the display brightness for optimal viewing in all lighting conditions.
  • The radio has Intelligent Audio, which automatically adjusts the radio’s volume to fit background noise so users will not miss calls in a high-noise environment or disturb others in quiet areas.
  • Integrated Bluetooth audio allows users to connect Bluetooth audio accessories without an external adaptor. Motorola offers exclusive operations critical wireless earpieces specifically designed for two-way radio users, allowing employees more mobility and to converse discreetly. The radio also supports Bluetooth data connectivity to wirelessly transfer data between the radio and other devices such as barcode scanners, mobile computers or mobile printers.
  • The radio delivers loud and clear audio with voice announcement for confirmation of channels, zones and programmable buttons. The SL Series offers three programmable option buttons that allow up to nine favorite features to be programmed for easy access.
  • The SL Series supports the industry’s largest portfolio of data applications, such as work order ticket management, e-mail, dispatch, network monitoring and telephone interconnect.
  • The radio also offers vibrate alert, covert mode and an integrated antenna design that optimises range performance – all of which are designed for ease of use and discreet communication.
  • For even more discretion and flexible communications, the SL Series includes a comprehensive portfolio of earpieces, single-unit and multi-unit chargers, and a flexible wrist strap or swivel belt clip carry holder for enhanced portability.

Pauline Tng, Director of Distribution, Professional Two-way Radio and Accessories & Energy, South & East Asia, Motorola Solutions, Asia Pacific said: "Motorola Solutions’ customers in many markets, including management and customer-facing staff, wanted a lightweight and compact radio – one that can easily be worn under a jacket for discreet use while it looks good and is easy to use. They wanted a large, simple-to-read display to help improve texting and access to applications such as work-order ticket management. We designed the SL Series to meet these needs and help customers collaborate and communicate more efficiently."

Bruce Claxton, Senior Director, Innovation and Design, Motorola Solutions said: "We are taking the MOTOTRBO platform to the next level with the SL Series – our smallest, thinnest-ever digital two-way radio – a product ideal for those users who value small size and discretion. Creating revolutionary and innovative products is a priority for Motorola Solutions. Through intensive user research, we listened to our customers’ needs and came up with a truly game-changing device with the SL Series."