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Motorola Solutions introduces the next generation data capture solutions for retailers and warehousing businesses

Motorola Solutions, Inc. , a leading provider of mission-critical communication products and services for enterprise and government customers, earlier this month announced new data capture solutions for retailers and warehousing business in the Asia-Pacific region.

These solutions are designed for retailers to implement critical customer retention and engagement programmes. For warehouse operators, manufacturing plants, distribution centres and warehouse style retail stores, it is a single robust solution for asset and inventory management, tracking and tracing and similar data capture intensive applications. The extended data capture range improves worker productivity and reduces the need for businesses to purchase multiple devices.

LI4278 key facts 

  • The ergonomic design of the LI4278 provides an easy and comfortable grip, enabling high volume scanning with no strain. Underneath its clean aesthetic design is a high performance, patent-pending single board construction that maximises robustness and durability for reliable scanning.
  • Captures virtually all 1D barcodes on any surface – traditional paper labels or on the screens of mobile phones, tablets, or computers. The LI4278 enables the implementation of programs such as mobile loyalty to drive customer retention and engagement.
  • Using Bluetooth Class II v2.1 technology, data transfer from the scanner back to the host is seamless and secure. In the event that the scanner is taken out of radio range, the LI4278 has the ability to store barcodes in its in-built memory and transfer this data back to the host when it returns to radio range, ensuring there is no loss to worker productivity.
  • The LI4278 is available in twilight black or cash-register white colors, conveniently matching the designs of the major retail Point-of-Sales terminals.

DS3500-ER series key facts

  • Capable of scanning 1D and 2D symbologies and GS1 codes from as close as one inch to a tall rack in a distribution center 31 feet away, the omni-directional DS3500-ER series of extended range scanners improves worker productivity and reduces the need for businesses to purchase multiple devices.
  • The rugged DS3500-ER can be used both indoors and outdoors for asset management, inventory management, picking, traceability, shipping and receiving applications in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants or warehouse-style retail stores.
  • The DS3500-ER joins Motorola’s series of rugged laser and digital scanners, such as the LS3578 and the DS3508, that serve a wide variety of industrial needs.
  • Designed for scan-intensive industrial applications, the ergonomic DS3500-ER series is available either corded or in a Bluetooth cordless version with FIPS 140-2 validation enabling greater worker mobility and enhanced security.
  • Venture Development Corporation (VDC) projects the 2D imager market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.9 percent from 2010-2015 -faster than any other handheld barcode scanning technology.

The DS3500-ER and new LI4278 scanners are available with Motorola’s Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support program, providing next-business-day device replacement and Comprehensive Coverage for normal wear and tear as well as accidental damage to internal and external components, eliminating unforeseen repair expenses.

Malik Murad Ali, IT director of the Malaysian supermarket company Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd said: "Motorola Solutions’ enterprise portfolio supports Mydin’s efforts to streamline key operational processes and drive systemic efficiency. Motorola’s enterprise mobility solutions gives us greater agility and focus to influence and define shopping trends, and align ourselves to customers’ needs based on real time data and demand. Innovations such as the Motorola DS3508 extended-range scanner enables highly productive warehouse operations with accurate and fast long-range scanning. The resulting value from improved operational efficiency can be shared with our customers."

Hong Chow Leng, director, Product Management, Motorola Solutions Asia Pacific, said: "The DS3500-ER Series and LI4278 reinforce the leadership of Motorola Solutions in providing businesses with cost efficient solutions that offer rich set of capabilities in a single device. Be it retailers, warehousing companies or other similar enterprises, they will find our solutions power-packed, robust, and versatile to meet varying needs including future proofing their investment. This is especially relevant for worker mobility or new models of engagement for customers such as mobile loyalty programmes. Motorola Solutions is committed to bringing new and innovative solutions to the market, and this suite of solutions is our commitment to our customers."