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Moschino x Cafe Landmark High-tea set in Hong Kong

You may be getting lots of Moschino’s posts on your feed in these days. Yes, it has happened again. Special brand activation for Moschino in Hong Kong. from the launch of the new design, special and limited editions for HK only, to high-tea set to delight its aficionados over Summer.

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CAFE LANDMARK is collaborating with renowned Italian fashion and luxury brand MOSCHINO on an Afternoon Tea Set for Two from July 8th to August 31st 2019, presenting exquisite bites in an eye-catching and edible pleasure.

The inspiration of the tea set trays takes reference to MOSCHINO Fall/Winter 2019 fabulous “Game Show” concept of the 70-80s. Featuring the dollar bill-print design and the tea set tray matches with the Italian Zucchini “Cash” Roll in balsamic vinegar.

TV dinner was such a trend back in 70s – 80s and surely, people could relate to the Loaded Baked Potato with savory bacon and classic mixed vegetables, and the homey Italian-style Beef Meatball in rich tomato sauce and parmesan.

Other highlights would be the refreshing Lobster Tail & Lemony Mango Salsa and bite-size sweets like the MOSCHINO Macaron and Tirami-Show.

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Guests would receive gifts from MOSCHINO upon patronage of this tea set, while stock lasts.