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MLB Kids opens standalone at Hong Kong’s K11 MUSEA

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Established by the Korean Fashion Group F&F in 1997, MLB is a leading fashion brand best known its signature caps and iconic street-style apparels and accessories.

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In 2017, MLB expanded its overseas retail network in Asia, the first MLB store was opened in Hong Kong.

ith the soaring performance of sales and brand awareness in Hong Kong, MLB quickly realized its expansion plan in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan with 10 stores opening in highest-traffic area within 1.5 years.

This year, MLB opens its first standalone kids store- MLB Kids in Hong Kong, located in the new cultural-retail destination – K11 Musea.

MLB Kids Store Photo_K11 Musea_4
Source: MLB Kids

Inspired by the American baseball stadium, the MLB Kids store interior features a blend of sporty casual style and metallic elements. Riding on the concept of baseball locker room, some elements such as the well-designed neon installation are featured for injecting new life and energy into the store. The catchy videos fill the store with fun vibes.

Riding on the concept of “NEW-TRO (NEW+ RETRO),” MLB presented new collection which is infused with premium street elements and functional design which is easy for hipsters for daily mix and match for upcoming fall/winter seasons.

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Some popular collections such as Monogram collection Down Jacket collection and Big Ball Chunky Shoes collection, they are also created with kids’ version which are blended the bright colors and trendy textures.