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Michelle Yeoh fronts Lululemon’s Lunar New Year launch, plus five more campaigns for the Year of the Dragon

As the vibrant red lanterns illuminate the streets and the air fills with the rhythmic beats of traditional drums, the arrival of Chinese New Year marks a momentous occasion celebrated by millions around the world.

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Beyond being a time for family reunions and cultural festivities, Chinese New Year holds significance for brands and merchants. With its rich traditions, auspicious symbolism, and enormous consumer spending, the annual festival presents a golden opportunity for businesses to engage with a vast audience, strengthen brand loyalty, and tap into the immense purchasing power of Chinese consumers.

Here, a look at how brands are welcoming the Year of the Dragon in 2024.

Lululemon picks Michelle Yeoh to star in its campaign

Source: Lululemon

Lululemon has launched a campaign starring Academy Award-winning actress Michelle Yeoh and a troupe of theatrical dancers, bringing to life a short film, ‘Be Spring,’ coinciding with the Year of the Dragon—a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings.

The cinematic experience explores the concept of wellbeing, encouraging viewers to discover perpetual renewal in their daily lives. “Sports have always been an important element of my life, and I am committed to encouraging more people, especially younger generations, to benefit from sports and find balance in their own lives,” said Michelle Yeoh. Lululemon’s limited Lunar New Year capsule collection draws inspiration from the intricate patterns of dragon scales, offering both festive and versatile options for holiday celebrations and everyday wear.

“This new year, we wanted to explore wellbeing through the lens of eastern culture – our essence, our energy and our spirit (精气神),” said Lynn Cheah, vice president of brand marketing & community at Lululemon China. “Presented through the juxtaposition of Chinese martial arts – in this case Wing Chun (咏春) – and dance, ‘Be Spring’ is a celebration of spring, and an invitation to find your balance and your own eternal spring.”


Source: Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s latest campaign features global ambassador Jackson Yee (Yi Yang Qian Xi), to coincide with the Lunar New Year.

According to the watchmaker, the campaign takes inspiration from the brand’s belief that true excellence is not a stroke of luck, but a result of meticulous craftsmanship and a relentless quest for perfection.

“Every New Year invites us to pause and reflect on what we have achieved, to realise how much more we are capable of, and to set our intentions for what we can create in the coming year,” says Jackson Yee. “That moment becomes our guiding star as we step into the future and, for me, it provides powerful inspiration as I continue to grow, both professionally and personally.”


Source: Diptyque

Diptyque celebrates the Year of the Dragon with L’Eau Papier, an artistic fragrance capturing the essence of ink on paper. Created in collaboration with emerging Chinese artist Ao Hei, the limited-edition design showcases the characters for “Dragon” and “Paper” in elegant calligraphy, enriched with touches of gold. Ao Hei’s contemporary interpretation breathes new life into this sensory experience, blending boldness, elegance, and endless possibilities.

The bottle’s illustration features stunning gold accents, while subtle transparency reveals the shades of ink on paper, creating a captivating and multi-dimensional landscape.

Louis Vuitton 

Source: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has debuted grand dragon installations at pop-ups and flagships in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. Crafted by Chinese artisans, these larger-than-life dragons incorporate design elements from Pharrell Williams’ inaugural men’s collection for Louis Vuitton, including pearls, gilded surfaces, and the iconic Damier check pattern.

In Shanghai, a three-story building formerly occupied by Looknow, a local multibrand store, has been transformed into a dedicated pop-up showcasing the men’s spring 2024 collection.

Bottega Veneta

Source: Bottega Veneta


Bottega Veneta’s Lunar New Year campaign stars actress Shu Qi in ‘The First Sunrise with You’. Directed by Jess Jing Zou, the film captures the first sunrise of the year, with various characters embracing the dawn in different locations.

Under the creative guidance of Matthieu Blazy, this collaboration marks Bottega Veneta’s fourth project with Jess Jing Zou. The director previously helmed the brand’s Lunar New Year campaign in 2023, as well as two Qixi films, emphasising themes of love, motion, and togetherness.

Brand ambassador Shu Qi sets the stage, stepping onto a balcony to witness the sunrise over the Shanghai skyline. The film continues with diverse groups in different settings, showcasing friends, family, and romantic partners coming together to appreciate the beauty of the dawn and anticipate the promising year ahead.

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The North Face

Source: The North Face

The North Face celebrates the Year of the Dragon with a collection of iconic pieces, including down jackets, shell jackets, and snow jackets. Vibrant coloUrs and energetic designs add a festive touch to the limited collection, equipping explorers for new challenges in the new year.

Encouraging wearers to “Face The North Face,” the collection embraces a spirit of exploration, launching an array of jackets and outerwear in tangerine orange to symbolise warmth and hope.