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Message Systems Asia-Pacific revenue growth up 600pc in 2011 – Retail in Asia

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Message Systems Asia-Pacific revenue growth up 600pc in 2011

Message Systems, the US messaging technology solutions provider, announced on Monday that it has boosted its rate of growth and is accelerating into 2012 with expanded offices, dozens of new clients and surging revenue.  In 2011, the company achieved 80 percent revenue growth over 2010 figures, adding 25 new brands to its customer list, while also expanding relationships with 59 existing ones.  Revenue growth in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region grew by more than 600 percent with the addition of several new major APAC-based accounts – including China-based social network Kaixin001 (Happy Network) and Cheetahmail China, one of the world’s largest email-services providers.

To keep pace with this growth, Message Systems expanded nearly every department within the company, including engineering, professional services, marketing, sales and support.  Headcount grew by nearly 70 percent over the past 12 months, with well over 100 full-time employees now working in seven Message Systems offices around the world.  The company’s burgeoning presence in APAC has warranted the hire of several new account managers and a high-profile search for a new head of APAC operations to be based in Message Systems’s APAC headquarters office in Singapore.

"2011 was a watershed year for Message Systems in multiple respects," said David Harvey, senior vice president of International Sales and Business Development at Message Systems.  "A year ago, we set out to achieve specific growth objectives through our focus on customer success and staying at the cutting edge of messaging technology.  Our objectives in the APAC region were to continue expanding in key markets – especially Japan, China, India and Australia – and to build on the foundation we had already established in Singapore.  We exceeded those goals on all fronts.  2012 will be a pivotal year for the company, and we are confident we are putting in place the people and resources we need to continue along our steep growth curve, especially in fast-growth APAC markets."

In addition, Message Systems continued to build out its line of advanced-messaging products throughout the year.  In April, the company introduced new versions of Mobile Momentum, the mobile-enabled single platform solution for multi-channel messaging, and Message Scope, a powerful introspection tool for improved customer care and messaging security.  Also debuting was an enhanced version of Adaptive Delivery, a technology feature within the Momentum messaging engine that automatically monitors and tunes message-delivery parameters in real time as they occur.  By enabling email senders to proactively address and solve real deliverability challenges, Adaptive Delivery can significantly boost the ROI of messaging campaigns.  Additionally, early in 2012 the Momentum 3.4.0 Release was announced, which includes beta support for the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).  For the first time, companies using Message Systems solutions can initiate and maintain message-based interactions across email, SMS/MMS text and IM chat using a single platform.

Recent customer wins included many global brands in social media, online services and retail – including LivingSocial, LinkedIn, PayPal, Angie’s List,, Groupon, Kayak, Etsy and SurveyMonkey.  Other customer wins included Fortune 500 brands such as J.P. Morgan Chase and US Airways. 

2011 also saw Message Systems host its first user conference, Interact 2011.  More than 100 attendees gathered in San Diego, California in October for three days of educational workshops, information sessions and fun activities.  Conference attendees included companies such as Facebook, Agora Publishing, Epsilon and Infusionsoft.  Additionally, the conference featured a presentation by representatives from Symantec, a global partner that has been particularly helpful in Message Systems’s expansion into the APAC region.