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Maus Frères International rebrands to MF Brands Group

Having reached a new stage in its history, Maus Frères International is adopting a new name, MF Brands Group, to reflect its new identity, its new organisation and presents the 2019 performance.

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Since 1998 and the acquisition of Devanlay, Maus Frères International has developed unique know-how in premium textiles in France and abroad. It has constituted a portfolio of brands centred on a single sector, clothing and accessories, through premium brands such as Lacoste, Gant, Aigle, Tecnifibre and more recently The Kooples in 2019.

Boosted by these acquisitions and the success of these brands around the world, Maus Frères International now wishes to move on to a new stage in its development by marking this transformation with a new name which reflects the coherence, integration and internationalisation of the new grouping.

MF Brands Group is therefore intended to be a link between the group’s historic roots (Maus Frères, subsequently MF) and its ambition to become a major player in premium textiles and lifestyle sportswear across the globe through strong brands in the sport and fashion worlds (Brands Group).

Source: Lacoste

For Thierry Guibert, CEO of MF Brands Group: “This change in our identity is the logical and necessary outcome of our development over the last few years. Beyond a simple change of name, MF Brands Group above all reflects our new organisation, simultaneously more coherent, more integrated and more international, to serve the group’s different brands and their development.”

The role of MF Brands Group is to continue to encourage imagination and creation in all its forms in order to support its brands’ growth and create value in the long term by respecting their identity, independence and uniqueness. This new step will also help to develop the human factor by creating bridges between brands.

This change of name also marks the changes in the group’s governance with the successive appointments over the past year of Romain Guinier as CEO of The Kooples, Sandrine Conseiller as CEO of Aigle and Patrik Söderström as CEO of GANT, Nicolas Préault remaining CEO of Tecnifibre. They are all under the authority of Thierry Guibert, CEO of MF Brands Group and of Lacoste.

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Source: Lacoste

MF Brands Group therefore aims to promote the group’s strategic policy which is to develop premium brands. 2019 has already underlined the group’s capacity to generate growth, with sales increasing by 15% to 2,64 billion euros, representing a business volume of 3.21 billion euros including licences sales. All the brands have enjoyed sustained growth thanks to very good positioning and high desirability.

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“Boosted by this new identity and organization, we will continue and accelerate our efforts to fully reveal the growth potential of our brands internationally. We will also continue our development with the ambition to rapidly become a major player in the premium brand segment”, adds Thierry Guibert, CEO of MF Brands Group.