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Maersk launches supply chain solutions for every possible flavour

A.P. Moller – Maersk, the global integrator of container logistics, recently launched their new FMCG campaign encouraging food and beverage (F&B) companies in Asia Pacific to develop a more innovative product portfolio.

‘Experimentation’ has become a buzzword in the Asian FMCG market, thanks to the influx of younger, more open-minded consumers. Authenticity, speciality, and difference are the things consumers look for in food and beverage products. A 2021 study published on Retail in Asia revealed that 73 percent of Asian shoppers seek new products from familiar brands.

These food trends present F&B companies an opportunity to tap into a new group of audience, particularly in Southeast Asia. Despite this, creating a variety of products and flavours can be a challenging endeavor. In some cases, well-known brands already have their supply chain and marketing strategies established.

To compete in Asia Pacific, F&B companies must adapt their products as well as their logistics processes to bring new and bolder flavors to the table. A reliable supply chain partner can serve as a catalyst to help food makers experiment and innovate with confidence.

Maersk’s latest e-book ‘Food for thought in FMCG supply chain’ outlines key innovations in end-to-end supply chains that can help forward-looking F&B companies succeed in Asia Pacific. Furthermore, it details how manufacturers can keep up with the competition by focusing on these 3 key areas.

  1. Keep an eye on things: Unlocking better visibility in the FMCG supply chain.
  2. Speed to consumer matters more than ever: The need for agility in F&B logistics.
  3. The keys to compliance: Managing health and safety concerns and customs.

Those interested in the e-book can download it on Maersk’s website for free. It also includes an infographic detailing the supply chain journey of instant noodles as a clear example.

Source: Maersk