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Macau’s increasing demand for quality retail workers means a rise in salaries, reports macauHR – Retail in Asia

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Macau’s increasing demand for quality retail workers means a rise in salaries, reports macauHR

Alongside the incredible pace at which the gaming and tourism industry in Macau has been developing, the retail sector is also quickly maturing, having benefitted much from the city’s exponential growth. Since 2009, Macau’s sales revenue has increased 40 percent year on year – especially in regards to luxury fashion, high-end jewellery and watch brands. The growth has also led to an increasing demand for well-trained and knowledgeable retail workers, as well as a respective competitive increase in retail salaries.

With the opening of megamalls and luxury shopping centres such as Sands Cotai Central, which opened earlier this week, it is evident that more and more international brand names are seeking to penetrate the local market. The rising numbers of luxury retail outlets also translates to an increase in the hiring of local workers, as the demand for quality retail services is projected to continue to increase over the next few months. The hiring experts at macauHR, an online job website in Macau, project that salary ranges will also be raised higher, as companies will be seeking to retain the loyalty of their talents. For example, fashion label brands may even adjust their wage levels to catch up with the higher salary ranges provided by jewellery brands, in hopes that this will result in a lower turnover rate.

And while it is relatively easy for brands to recruit new junior staff, a shortage of experienced managerial staff in Macau and the high turnover rate represent a larger issue for retail firms. According to Cherry Chu, Recruitment Manager at macauHR, internal grooming and the development of management training programmes are of utmost importance if brands are seeking to retain talent.

"Macau needs to develop a new HR system," says Chu. "Companies here should work on developing ones that are similar to the system in Hong Kong, which offer regular promotions and raises."

Compared with Hong Kong, Macau employees are also more demanding. According to recent research data, most retail workers expect promotions and salary raises earlier on in their career. Chu offers the following tips for those who aspire to rise to managerial positions in the local retail market: "Management candidates must have excellent English speaking skills, good communication skills, as well as a stable career track record." She says. "These are essential qualities for moving up to managerial levels in the retail sector."