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‘Life’s good’: LG Electronics aims to capture Gen Z with refreshed brand identity

South Korean conglomerate LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled a refreshed brand direction and visual identity, which has debuted across physical and digital customer touch points.

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Together with a new brand slogan, “Life’s Good,” the revamped visual identity features dynamic interactive elements, communicating a more youthful approach for an important demographic: Generation Z.

“Having a strong, consistent brand strategy enables us to better communicate our value proposition and unique identity, which harmonically blends innovation and warmth,” said William Cho, chief executive officer of LG Electronics. “Implementing the new brand strategy, LG aims to become an iconic brand that resonates with consumers transcending generations and locations.”  

The company’s updated brand communication guidelines outlines a strategy which endeavours to endear itself to customers across generations all over the world, citing core values such as “uncompromising customer experience” and “warmth to power a smile”.

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In the digital space, the company’s newly interactive symbol, composed of the letters ‘L’ and ‘G,’ performs a variety of motions, including nodding, spinning and winking.