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Li Ning debuts badminton store in Hong Kong

Li Ning Group, owner of leading Chinese sports brand LI-NING, has opened its first shop in Hong Kong. The LI-NING badminton store is located on Cameron Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, in one of the city’s hottest shipping districts.

Opening in Hong Kong is an important step in the brand’s global expansion plan, according to the company. Li Ning sees badminton as a key sport for the group, and its Hong Kong store specialises in mid-range to high-end badminton products, including its Chinese National Team collection.

"LI-NING was destined to become a global brand from the outset and has picked Hong Kong as the conduit to connect to consumers from around the world," says Zhang Zhiyong, Group CEO. "Hong Kong has long been a destination for global brands," he adds. "Consumers in Hong Kong are well-known for their unrivalled sensitivity to cutting-edge fashion trends and capacity to adapt to foreign trends and cultures."

"The Beijing Olympics and Hong Kong East Asian Games have enhanced Hong Kong people’s enthusiasm in sport," says Timothy Fok, President of the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong. "Li Ning has collaborated with many world-class athletes to set new records in major sporting events over the years. I am confident that Li Ning’s expansion into Hong Kong will contribute positively to the local sports industry."