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Leading international gemological grading laboratory brings cutting-edge know-how to China’s jewellery sector

International Gemological Institute (IGI) today held a seminar called " Your Clients of the Future and the Internet…Are You Ready?" at the annual China International Jewellery Fair 2009, which has opened this morning at China International Exhibition Centre and will run through November 9.

The internet sales talk, part of IGI’s education series for the China market, was first presented at Jewelry Shanghai in May by IGI guest speaker John Pollard, a world-renowned educator and consultant.

In Beijing, Mr Pollard once again unveiled techniques to increase online traffic and boost sales conversion rates. "Traditional jewellery stores need to modify their business models to stay on the edge. With the internet, a new generation of shoppers is emerging. Traditional stores must be prepared, and must adapt in order to remain competitive, and there are a number of ways to do that," He said. Mr Pollard cited examples of traditional stores doing this and advised others to learn from their experiences, which amounts to becoming web-savvy yet remaining "traditional".

Said IGI chief executive Marc Brauner, "The way consumers are shopping is changing. Young people use the internet for every aspect of their lives, and these are your future clients."

Mr Brauner said traditional stores must now devise online strategies to match and surpass those deployed by web-based retail rivals.

"IGI has brought in John from the US to share this very hot topic with the local retail industry and we are very pleased that this seminar was just as well received in Beijing," Mr Brauner said the company would remain committed in its education initiatives in China.

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