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LAWSON and Matsumoto Kiyoshi to cooperate on new-format stores

LAWSON, the Japanese convenience-store chain, and MatsumotoKiyoshi Holdings, which operates Japanese pharmacies, have concluded a significant partnership agreement, according to the LAWSON company website.

The goal of the partnership is described as that of "leveraging the two groups’ respective management resources – including specialized knowledge, resources, buying power, and infrastructure – to create a new type of store and provide… customers with high-value-added, highly specialized merchandise and services."

LAWSON operates the LAWSON, NATURAL LAWSON and LAWSON STORE100 convenience-store franchise chains. It also directly operates stores. MatsumotoKiyoshi Holdings operates urban and suburban drugstores, pharmacies, and combination drugstore/pharmacies nationwide.

The concept behind the new-format stores will be based on the theme "Food is medicine". As Japanese society increasingly faces the problems of an ageing population, the stores will aim to help customers achieve the healthy and comfortable lifestyle they seek, now and into the future.