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LACOSTE to open duty-free store at Cebu Airport

Cebu Airport

LACOSTE announced the opening of a new duty-free store in Cebu, in LE CLUB CONCEPT.

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42 sqm travel retail store opens in CEBU AIRPORT, located in Terminal 1, Lacoste aims to offer a premium shopping experience to both local and international travelers.

Travel Retail, often referred to as the “6th continent,” offers a unique opportunity to connect with consumers and highlight the brand all over the world.

LACOSTE is today one of the strongest players in the Travel Retail industry with more than 170 boutiques worldwide. LACOSTE reinforce the consumer experience, enhancing channel specific product offering and visual merchandising.

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Looking to the future, LACOSTE continues to leverage the Travel Retail Channel strengthening or expanding in new geographical areas, developing new channels (online duty free and cruises) and new ways of connecting with consumers before, during and after their trips.