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Kraft’s greener offices show small changes get big results

Kraft Foods has been reducing its office buildings’ environmental impact by installing motion-activated lighting and more efficient plumbing fixtures around the world. The company is doing even more by adapting buildings so employees can work more sustainably and be more flexible, productive and mobile. With wireless tools for working at home, on the road or with a customer, employees use less energy in commuting and there’s less need for office space.

"Sustainability is an important part of our business strategy, and we want our workplaces to be a constant visible reminder to our employees," says Steve Yucknut, the company’s vice president of Sustainability. "Our greener offices are inspiring employees to think and act differently at work. And together, we’re changing behaviour and getting results."

As a result of its endeavour on environmental sustainability, one of Kraft Foods’ headquarters in the US recently became Energy Star qualified by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The National Australian Built Environment Rating System has given Kraft’s Australian office 4.5 out of 5 stars for its environmental performance.

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