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Korea’s Whoo to make debut in Cannes


Korean cosmetics brand Whoo is set to make its debut at TFWA Cannes as parent company LG Household & Health Care Co., Ltd. aims to introduce the Asian oriental medicinal cosmetic brand to the world and “take a leap to a global brand”.

LG Household & Health Care Co., will introduce Whoo to the travel-retail market as it seeks opportunities to expand beyond Asia.

As it celebrates its 13th anniversary this year, Whoo, which took its brand name ‘后’(whoo) from the image of fiddle, has already experienced rapid growth in Asia. The brand’s products are based on remedies and formulas popular among emperors and empresses of the historical Korean courts.

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The brand has been present in the top ranks of sales among large duty-free shops in Korea, according to the company, and set a remarkable record reaching $20m of monthly sales in just one store  – Lotte Duty Free Shop Sogong. The company stated this trend continues across the duty-free market with retailers in China, Hong Kong and Thailand reporting sales have doubled for the brand compared to the previous year.

The brand’s best seller is the Whoo Bichup Self-Generating (Jasaeng) Essence, which is an oriental medicinal essence that helps to repair skin balance that has been damaged through aging with  three formulas originated from oriental medicinal remedies Gongjinbidan, Gyeongokbidan, Cheongsimbidan, adding to the Chojahabidan formula.

The Whoo brand was the first Korean cosmetic brand that participated in The 20th French Louvre Museum Wedding Fair held in Louvre Museum, France in October 2014 where it received a good reception with its court stories of emperors and empresses, and sophisticated design exhibiting Korean beauty.

(Source: DFNI)