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Korean eyewear Lookoptics targets Asian travel retail market


Korean eyewear specialist Lookoptics is targeting growth in Asian travel retail, with Fila sunglasses key to its development plans.

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Lookoptics describes itself as a top-tier sunglasses and eyeglass manufacturing & distribution company, specialising in all eyewear-related products, including contact lenses.

Lookoptics has an exclusive licence to sell Fila sunglasses in Korea, China, Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, including Singapore. The Seoul-based company described Fila as a key brand in its expansion plans in Asia, particularly in the Southeastern region.

The company’s brand portfolio covers a range of pricepoints from luxury (Salvatore Ferragamo and Calvin Klein, for which it has a sales licence for the Korean market) to more affordable lines such as Fila; the private brand Look Optical; and a line based on characters created by Korean boy band and global pop stars BTS.

Lookoptics operates its own Look Optical stores in selected commercial areas of Shanghai, with its 8th branch opening this year and a targeted 50 stores planned for 2020. In South Korea the company collaborates with selected travel retailers including Lotte Duty Free, The Shilla Duty Free and Shinsegae Duty Free.Lookoptics noted that Fila reinvented its brand identity with a focus on “style performance” and refreshed designs to cater for different genders and ages.

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Lookoptics also plans to launch BT21 character eyewear through its Look Optical network in January 2020. BT21 is a group of characters created by BTS.