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Korea allows online purchases of alcoholic beverages

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South Korean customers will soon be able to order and pay for alcoholic beverages online and pick them up at stores nearby, National Tax Service announced on 9th March.

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The tax authorities said it will expand a buy-online-pickup-in-store system to include alcohol from 3rd April to provide greater customer convenience.

Even though the smart ordering is allowed for alcoholic beverages, out-of-store sales or delivery of liquor will remain prohibited.

The new system means restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets will be able to sell liquor to customers through a mobile app without separate approval by the authorities.

Customers will have an advantage of saving time by not waiting around and comparing disclosed alcoholic beverages in price and quality. A price discount for regular customers is anticipated.

Retailers will be able to increase beverage menus and improve operational efficiency and big data analysis will help their inventory management. This can provide a new business opportunity for startups on smart ordering of alcoholic beverages.

The new system is introduced in response to requests from startups looking for a new platform model, according to NTS.

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The expansion of business opportunities by the startups will stimulate new markets and bring positive changes to consumer’s alcohol consumption, NTS said.

(Source: Pulse News)