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KLASSE14 opens flagship store in Tokyo

KLASSE14 cover
Source : KLASSE14

KLASSE14 has just opened a flagship store in Tokyo, in the district of Shibuya, to pay homage to its first market, where it has already more than 350 POS.

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The store has opened its doors last Thursday with a VIP party, and officially opened the next day, when brand lovers were queuing to be the first ones to experience the first flagship store for the brand in Japan.

Source : KLASSE14

The newly opened store is characterized by a minimalistic design, a combination of black, white, and wooden nuances, in which the products stand out.

The design reflects the new creative direction of the brand willing to engage with urban community. All the retail concepts opened by the brand are quite unique, and in a way very much reflecting the local soul of the neighborhood.

KLASSE14 interior
Source : KLASSE14

From the click-and-collect museum-like store, to the recent pop-up store, both in Hong Kong, each and every brick-and-mortar brand extension creates a different immersive experience yet consistent with the brand identity.

KLASSE14 is a fashion & lifestyle brand with an Italian soul fed by Mario Nobile’s creativity. The brand, established in 2014, has rapidly enchanted Millennials across different markets such as Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Australia, and the U.S. online through hundreds points of sales and kiosks with major retail partners.

The brand owes its popularity to its community of fans that post after post built a strong branding discourse around it made of moments of shared happiness.

Among the recent news regarding the brand, besides this opening,  we have seen its presence at the Grammy Awards, the launch of the new collection Sky Volare,  and its launch in Malaysia.

What we know is that KLASSE14 loves surprising its aficionados and lots of brand activations are in the pipeline for 2019.

KLASSE14 is positioned in the market as a fashion brand releasing different collections throughout the year inspired by global fashion trends, but also its community of fans’ new needs.

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KLASSE14 watches celebrate moments and are chosen to be a symbol of togetherness and connection with the beloved ones.

We have recently met Mario Nobile, the Creative Director of the brand, and an interview with him is coming soon.