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Klasse14 opens at K11 Art Mall

K11Store 16

Moving from the Select zone to an official store at K11, Klasse14 is missioned to provide retail experiences to customers with quality space and ambience.

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Labelled with the tag “Ordinarily Unique,” the store is a place for individuals to seek inspirations, unleash their creativity, and wrap the wrists with an-one-of-a-kind story. In the most joyous time of the year, the store launches KBAR, providing in-store service of hand dyeing leather strap.

Customers are offered more than 60 color choices to create a unique watch and strap combination for their own. Like wardrobes and shoe cabinets, KBAR is the strap closet catering needs for different outfits, occasions and moods, an essence for people who have a proactive lifestyle.

K11Store 11
Source: Klasse14

Located at K11, the hub of art and lifestyle, the store interior is defined by distinguished aesthetics and style. The shop front made by grey concrete elements adds an urban touch while injecting character to the space; the geometric wall on the side exhibits color changes in different lights, a remarkable feature of the iconic Volare Rainbow collection.


Three display zones showcasing the brand’s complete collections, including +W (watches), +S (straps) and +J (jewelry), setting a nice atmosphere for customers to immerse themselves.