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John Lobb’s new flagship store and exclusive collection in Hong Kong

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“The most beautiful shop in the world . . .” – that is how Esquire magazine described the wood-paneled splendour of the London premises of John Lobb’s store in St. James’s Street, which has been traditionally the home of coffee houses, gentlemen’s clubs and elegant outfitters; a mecca for the noble and the fashionable for centuries.

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The interior’s exquisite and expert craftsmanship of London’s store travels to Hong Kong and it is fully embodied in the new flagship store opened in Princes’s Building in Central.

Source : John Lobb

Together with the opening of the new flagship store John Lobb brings to Hong Kong its new SS18 collection for men with exclusive items available in Hong Kong only, such as the colours of the CITY2 shoe line, and launches women’s collection for the first time in Hong Kong.

John Lobb and its commitment to quality in creating the finest footwear.

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The Landmark Prince’s boutique now carries the full John Lobb collections. To celebrate the opening, Paula Gerbase, John Lobb’s Artistic Director and Bespoke artisan, traveled to Hong Kong to meet and share all aspects of the creative vision of the brand and provide customers with a trunk show aimed to deliver bespoke shoes.

The opening was a celebration of craftsmanship and storytelling about the brand. Guests enjoyed the dialogue with the artisan and asked questions about the old shoe-making tradition.

Source : John Lobb

Retail in Asia has been keeping an eye on the made-to-measure and bespoke trend in Asia and men are very much into it. Men tend to prefer buying fewer items, but of higher quality and customization and are ready to wait for a long time to get it as they want, fitting and functionality of goods seem to be the features they are looking for.