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JD opens first SEVEN FRESH in Shenzhen, China

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JD opened the first Shenzhen branch of its omni-channel fresh produce supermarket SEVEN FRESH on 30th April.

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“Backed by JD’s robust supply chain, SEVEN FRESH can provide consumers with quality and differentiated products at an affordable price. We are committed to serving consumers in the long,” said Carol Fung, President of JD FMCG Omni channel, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The supermarket is located in Wankeli, a property developed by Vanke, the giant real estate developer in China, in the Shenzhen’s central Futian district.

It covers an area of 1,983 square meters and provides a variety of fresh food including fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and seafood.

Consumers can not only buy imported produce like durian from Thailand and Boston lobster, but also local fruits from Guangdong province, including lychee, guava and pomelo.

The store provides shoppers with 26 kinds of ready-to-cook products, including pre-washed vegetables, soup ingredients and seasoned meat.


“Consumers can even buy ready-to-cook pork tripe stewed with chicken, a dish favored by Guangdong people. We only choose chickens which have been bred for over 160 days,” said the store manager, Hao Long.

The number of ready-to-cook dishes will be gradually increased, according to Hao.

There is a SEVEN FRESH Bakery in the store, which provides freshly baked bread.

Seventy percent of the baked goods have been developed by the store. Most of the supplies are imported, including butter from New Zealand, flour from France, cheese from Australia and cream from Austria, according to Hao.

Consumers can choose to either buy food in the store or order online with delivery service.

Online delivery is available from 8 am to 9 pm each day. The fastest delivery speed will be only 30 minutes for consumers who live within three-kilometers radius from the store.

“We come to Shenzhen market with the help of JD’s omni-channel and supply chain capabilities. We believe that SEVEN FRESH can provide local residents with a more comfortable, convenient and better quality fresh food service, as well as an omni-channel choice,” said Duan Lixia, who is in charge of Southern China business of SEVEN FRESH Supermarket.

Duan said that SEVEN FRESH is not only a fresh food supermarket but also a place where consumers can enjoy cooked food and baked goods prepared by the store.

“SEVEN FRESH inherited JD’s internet company DNA, so our online service is not a simple complement to offline store. Instead, it’s aimed at an integrated –online and offline – service for consumers,” said Duan.

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Following the first store, JD will soon open another two in Shenzhen, located in Futian and Bao’an districts respectively, according to Duan.