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Featured reports the rise of sales in sports products consumption in China

According to the report released by Consumption and Industry Development Institute, the sales of yoga and dance related products have a significant increase in recent months. Besides, ball-related games, fishing, fitness training and cycling are also popular sports activities among JD’s consumers.

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The data shows that yoga stretchers, yoga shoes, dancing shoes, yoga balls, and yoga bags all had 868 percent, 816 percent, 700 percent, 110 percent, and 104 percent growth year over year, respectively. It also says badminton, basketball, and table tennis-related products were among the top three sports in terms of turnover, presumably due to the social nature of ball sports. Specialist training devices, such as equipment for strengthening the abdominal and leg muscles, as well as improving arm strength, are also very popular.

Due to the COVID situation, home exercise has become popular. As consumers prefer to exercise at home, exercise equipment, yoga and dance equipment, and other similar things are in high demand. Furthermore, the report reveals many customers have acquired a variety of sports accessories that are suitable for them, such as athletic shoes, skirts, and underwear.

Apart from research on products, the report also states consumers with geographical differences have distinct fitness needs. Consumers in Liaoning, Heilongjiang, and Jilin provinces prefer fitness equipment over home appliances; consumers in Tianjin, Beijing, and other Northern China provinces prefer ball products for indoor sports; consumers in the Ningxia and Inner Mongolia autonomous regions bought a lot of cycling equipment for outdoor sightseeing; and consumers in Hunan and Hubei provinces bought a lot of leisure sports products for fishing. The top five provinces and municipalities in China that purchase sports equipment are Guangdong, Jiangsu, Beijing, Sichuan, and Shandong.

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In terms of consumers’ age, the report shows customers aged 16-25 favor ball sports,  consumers aged 26-35 prefer fishing products, and cycle sports products are more welcomed by consumers aged 36-45. Consumers aged 16 to 25 prefer to purchase sportswear, shoes, and bags, whereas those aged 26 to 35 prefer to buy a lot of sports protection products.